Monday, May 26, 2008

The Pool

Well, the neighborhood pool is open!!! Yesterday we went and all the kids were great! Gerald actually came (he hates the pool). The kids all had fun in the baby pool and Gerald finally took the boys over to the big pool. We tried to get Samantha over there but she insisted on going to the baby pool. She wasn't afraid of the big pool, she jumped right in when I was there to catch her. She just prefered to splash around in the baby pool. In the big pool Gerald got the boys to sit and wait on the steps while he took one of them on a ride across to the other side of the pool and back. Amazingly, they all sat there nice and quietly when it wasn't their turn (where are my real kids?)

One lady asked Gerald if the boys were triplets!!! LOL She also asked him how we got them so well behaved (really LOL now). Eventually, Gerald went home to get dinner ready (cook out) and I stayed with the kids in the baby pool. I was pretty nervous when it was time to leave because I didnt' want any meltdowns or defiance. There were a couple of initial "no's" when I told them it was time to leave but I explained to them that if they don't all listen then we can't come back to the pool (wasn't just a threat-there's no way I can drag all of them home kicking and screaming across the street). They seemed to understand and were content in knowing we would come back the next day. Thank goodness!!!!!

The only thing that ruined the day is that silly me forgot to put sunblock on my legs!!!! I got Gerald to put some on my back and I remembered my arms and face but completely forgot my legs :( OMG, I didnt' even know I was burnt until I got home. It's pretty bad-really bad! Reminds me of my childhood. At least it's just my thighs and not my back! BTW, even though Samantha had 4o spf on her she still got a beautiful tan. She can thank Daddy for that. Glad they don't have my pasty skin.

I'll try and remember to bring a camera today at the pool (for the kids, not my legs)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some of the dumb things my kids fight about

Gerry:"My head is bigger than yours"
Abera:" No, my bigger"

Abera "Brandon, you a machina (meaning car)
Brandon (crying hysterically) "I'm not a machina- You're grumpy!"

We ran into one of Gerry's old preschool teachers at school. As we drove home the fight went as follows:
Brandon "Miss D is my teacher"
Gerry "No, she was my teacher:
Brandon (once again crying and screaming) NOOO she's my teacher!!! (maybe next year she will be his teacher-God help her.)

Samantha "Abera's a poopy, baby, diaper head"
Abera "You grumpy"
Samantha "You grumpy poopy baby diaper head"

The good news is that most of these fights stay verbal fights. Just a few weeks ago, silly argument like these would have ended in a WWF-style cage match- especially between Abera and Gerry. They seem to be getting used to each other and dont' have to resort to physical fighting to solve all there problems. I hope I don't jinx myself-today was a really good day.

Also, here's how it went putting Samantha to bed tonight.

Walking out of her bedroom the first time: " Mommy, I have to pee"

2nd time out: " Mommy, I have to go poopies" (she didnt really have to go)

3rd time out: "Mommy, I throw up (she pretended to but didn't really have to- she gets sick alot and for a while, we would let her stay in our bed after she got sick. Now she thinks if she throws up, she'll get to stay in our bed

4th time out: "Mommy, I love you"

5th time out: "Mommy, I need more water" after I gave her more she said "Aww mommy, you so nice to me, thank you so much"

6th time out: "Mommy, I go to sleep now-see you later"

And she did go to sleep-Thank God!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just some random pics

Just a boring day around the house. The kids always have fun posing for the camera. Don't ask about Brandon and the puzzle pieces. I'll have to make sure I find a pic of Brandon actually smiling next time-if that's possible. Can't you tell Abera is pretending to be asleep! Don't you love the smiling ninja Gerry and the smiling pirate Samantha (when she really smiles hard, she closes that left eye-dont' ask me why.).