Thursday, January 1, 2009

Look what Gerry did!

Santa got them each an art box which included scissors. Way to go Santa!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sam flooded the house today...

...and it's my mom's fault :) I was downstairs in the basement and Sam was upstairs in my bedroom watching the Wiggles. All of a sudden she comes down and says she needs help. I told her to wait a minute and she got very agitated and said, 'no mom, I need help now, I did something bad-hurry up" Well that peaked my interest. So I went upstairs and our bathroom sink was running fast (and we have a slow drain) so the water had overflowed on the floor and was proceeding to go through the floor (through a vent I think) and came through the ceiling in the living room. Fortunately (I think) we had a small hole in the dining room ceiling from where G had tried to hang a pinata once (don't ask). So all the water was coming out fast through the whole. I imagine if we didnt' have the hole, then it would have pooled in the ceiling and caused water damage. Hope we don't get mold now. Thank goodness she had enough sense to come and get me-that could have kept going for a long time.

Oh, why was it my mom's fault? Because Samantha was in the bathroom trying to wash her hands because they were sticky 'cause my mom bought her a bag of candy today-even though she already had ice cream earlier.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just saying hi

Not much to talk about here. I did need to announce that Abera lost his tooth last week. I have a picture of his new smile but it's not on the computer yet. I'll post it soon (yeah you've heard that before). When it started to get really loose, I went to the bank to get a silver dollar (they're not silver anymore-but you get the point.) Anyway, we were all set for the toothfairy to come and wouldn't you know it-he lost the tooth one evening after I had gone to work :( (And I had left the coin in my wallet )Since I want' coming home till the next morning, we werent' able to use the nice dollar we got. So Gerald just used 2 quarters. Abera didn't know the difference. He was excited anyway. The next day at school the teacher got him in front of the class and he walked up to all his friends to show them his missing spot in his mouth. It was so cute. All the kids were saying, "ooh, wow", and stuff like that.

Also, can you tell, I wasn't working this past summer. I was looking at the link to my posts on the side of the blog. There were so many more posts in July and August. Then it totally drops off after that. Oh well. At least I got some laundry done today. Brandon wants to play on Noggin's website right now, so I guess I'll go.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Pics-I finally did it!!!!

Guess I don't need to say much-the pictures say it all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Testing, testing, 1-2-3

Anyone still out there!

To anyone who's still reading.........I'm so sorry about the lack of activity. Yeah I know I do this all the time. Things finally have started to settle down with work. I finally have gone to nights and am working only 3 nights a week. I just started this past week but already it feels more normal to me. I have much more time with the kids than when I was working 4 day shifts a week. When I told the kids that I'd be going to work at night when they sleep Gerry, shouted out, ' oh I know mom, that means you're nocturnal!" Guess he learned that one in kindergarten.

Now about those pictures, those are pictures of Gerald when he was little, I think he's screaming in the one pic 'cause the boy behind him is his brother and he was tormenting Gerald at the time. Why are they there you ask? Because I was looking for our Halloween pics but G downloaded them onto his computer so I can't access them right now. When I was looking for the pics, I came across these pics and couldn't stop laughing so I posted it. Sorry, Shea, I will try and get on G's computer later tonight and post the Halloween pics.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One thing accomplished

We bought everyone's Halloween costumes today.

Sammy will be a yellow Power Ranger (I thought for sure she'd pick a princess again). As soon as she tried the ranger costume on she started doing karate kicks and going hi-ya hi-ya! I hope she doesnt' kick anyone at school when they have their Halloween parade.

Gerry will be a blue Power Ranger. He is very happy with his choice now, but originally wanted to be a Star Wars storm trooper. Not just any storm trooper -but the 'deluxe' storm trooper. It cost $5o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He refused to choose the cheaper storm troopers and pouted for a while but then came around. That boy always picks the expensive stuff. The last time we went shoe shopping he went straight to the $70 pair. I guess he has expensive tastes.

Abera ended up choosing the Dark Knight Batman. Funny, cause for weeks he's been saying he wanted to be Iron Man or Optimus Prime (or a lion or a pumpkin or an "A" for Abera) but once we got there, he chose the Batman.

And Brandon got his first choice. There was never any doubt...he wanted to be the Hulk and he got what he wanted. He got one with fake muscles-it's hilarious. He kept making a tough 'hulk' face.

We took some cute pictures today but I won't post any costume pics until Halloween. It should be interesting this year.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life Goes On

Everyone seems to be settling in better at daycare. We've spoken with them more about the teasing issue and are dealing with it. The kids actually say they like it there and I think I"ll leave it be if they seem genually happy there...that's what counts I guess.