Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sam flooded the house today...

...and it's my mom's fault :) I was downstairs in the basement and Sam was upstairs in my bedroom watching the Wiggles. All of a sudden she comes down and says she needs help. I told her to wait a minute and she got very agitated and said, 'no mom, I need help now, I did something bad-hurry up" Well that peaked my interest. So I went upstairs and our bathroom sink was running fast (and we have a slow drain) so the water had overflowed on the floor and was proceeding to go through the floor (through a vent I think) and came through the ceiling in the living room. Fortunately (I think) we had a small hole in the dining room ceiling from where G had tried to hang a pinata once (don't ask). So all the water was coming out fast through the whole. I imagine if we didnt' have the hole, then it would have pooled in the ceiling and caused water damage. Hope we don't get mold now. Thank goodness she had enough sense to come and get me-that could have kept going for a long time.

Oh, why was it my mom's fault? Because Samantha was in the bathroom trying to wash her hands because they were sticky 'cause my mom bought her a bag of candy today-even though she already had ice cream earlier.

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