Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guess what we did today?

Spent most of the afternoon at the doctors. Last night Brandon started wheezing and coughing. Nothing horrible but it was still there this morning so we went to the pediatrician. He had one other 'reactive airway episode' last September. It was much worse then, probably 'cause I let it go longer before I took him in last time. This time wasn't half as bad. But since it was his second time we got to buy our own nebulizer so we won't have to go running to the docs everytime he gets a little wheezy (Last time we just rented one). Brandon loves the treatments and Gerry and Abera are very jealous-they want to try it too. I think that's why Brandon likes it so much because they are jealous (that and it helps him breath!).

Fun in the Sun

Sorry that came out sideways but isn't that enough to give you a heart attack! Sam has learned how to hold her breath under water and loves to just float like that. I have to watch her like a hawk now. It scares me to death but I'm glad she's getting comfortable in the water. Maybe next year we'll do swim classes. Just couldnt afford to send all 4 for lessons this year.

Monday, July 28, 2008

That girl drives me crazy!!!

You remember those backpacks we bought-brand new ones? Today we bought all the kids' school supplies and when I came home I got all the backpacks together to pack them up and I opened up Samantha's and the worst smell came out of it! She had taken a sippy cup full of chocolate milk and put it inside the bag. I've been looking for that cup for a few days now. The milk had spilled out everywhere. I may try to clean it out just to say I tried but at this point it looks like I have to buy her a new one. (Her bag from last year has a hole in it 'cause she likes to drag the backpack-that's why I was glad she picked out the one she did for this year that has wheels).

Oh and I bought a 6 pack of Coke and only came home with 5. I didn't even notice they werent all in the pack.

But on a good note, I finally found the Ethiopia collector Coke cans. Gerald gets to drink all except one that I hid. (No I'm not talking about the lost bottle of coke. I bought a 6 pack of bottled and a pack of canned cokes).


Oh forgot to add. I'm going to post whenever someone says something like "My you're very busy" or My you have your hands full.

#1 Today at the post office. The lady behind me in line says "Wow, you have quite a gang there. Bet they keep you busy.

Annoying People

First of all, sorry for no pictures lately. I don't have batteries for my camera. Don't worry I'm going to Target tomorrow and I'll pick us some then (surprise!!! I'm going to Target!)

So today we are at the library. It took forever to get everyone out of the house so it was really close to lunch by the time we got there. We were going to redeem our coupons from the summer reading program to get the last prize. It started off bad because the lady there said they weren't doing prizes for coupon #3-the names would be put in drawing for some gift certificates. I think they were running low on prizes and had to institute this little change. I was prepared for the worst- a major meltdown- because that was the only way I could get them out the door today, by saying over and over again "lets get going to the library so we can get our toys!" Miraculously, no meltdowns. I think they were in shock and it didnt' sink in right away that there were no prizes.

So today I actually wanted to get a book for myself so we had to go upstairs to the 'grown up' part of the library that is really, really quiet. I was sweating bullets as we headed up those stairs. My kids (especially Samantha and Abera) have no 'indoor voices'. I finally find the call number for my book and Brandon starts losing it and whining loudly about how his shoes hurts him. He starts saying he needs a bandaid. And wanted me to take the one off of his arm to put on his foot. So I stop and this librarian is just standing there staring at us. She finally asks if I needed a bandaid and I said no, he has an extra (cause the one from his arm was just for show-he didnt' really have a boo boo there-he just likes bandaids). She proceeds to tell me in a very snooty voice that the problem was he had to left shoes on. And the shoes dont' match. Well duh, lady. You think I didn't know that. (well actually that has happened before where I didnt' know but whatever...) I really wanted to just get my book and get downstairs to the kids part of the library. So I quickly said (which was true) , " I know they're the wrong shoes, he insisted he wear these before we left the house. I figured he would learn his lesson and let me pick out his shoes next time" I was polite about it, I promise. I swear above, she just stood there and stared at me with her mouth wide open. Oh come on, is it that horrible that the boy had 2 different shoes on and both the left feet. She didnt' say another word-just stared. I got my book and down the stairs we went.

Hold on Tight!

Today was a good day. I havent' really talked about this much on the blog but I had a really hard time adjusting after Abera came home. I had a nice case of Post Adoption Blues. I was crying at the drop of a hat. I was sure I ruined our family because all the kids ever did was fight. And Abera was still prone to 'meltdowns' if he was too overstimulated or tired. One thing in particular that made me so sad is that the kids couldnt' even listen to music in the car without it being a huge fight. They would disagree on what music to listen to and before I knew if Gerry and Abera were physically fighting in the back of the van. They were still in their car seats but could reach each other enought to actually pinch arms or scratch faces-I mean really scratch and bleeding. I would have to stop the car and break it up. We live like 30 seconds away from school and I used to love picking out a song and driving to school and singing away in the car. I love to sing kids songs in the car! I finally gave up music and started listening to talk radio

1.) as a punishment to the kids-if they couldnt' agree on music then no music
2.) I didnt' feel like singing anymore and that made me more sad :(

I remember thinking I'd never sing in the car again. (Gerald - if you're reading this, I know you're making a snide comment right now like "thank God, no more singing from her")

Well today we were driving and listening to the Backyardigans. "Hold on Tight" from the Viking episode (yes we watch a lot of TV and yes I'm a loser for knowing all that but I dont care!) All of sudden, I realized all 5 of us were singing along -happily-Actually screaming along, but that makes it more fun. Now, things have been better for a while (both depression-wise and fighting-wise) but this was a moment of great joy for me to realize how far we had all come.

We also have fun singing the Amharic version of "Old McDonald had a Farm". I don't have the words handy right now (they are out in my car). I'll have to write out the lyrics some time.

Big Butts

Today, Gerry and Abera come running down to the basement with their backpacks and start collecting toys and putting them in the packs. I asked them what they were doing and Gerry said, 'playing doctor'. OK I thought I guess I have to follow up on that one. So I asked what the toys have to do with doctors. Gerry said that needed the toys for the waiting room. They love the waiting room at the pediatricians office. So they fill the bags up and put them on their backs and Gerry starts laughing and says, 'it feels like I have a really big butt'!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Backpacks

Well, I really don't have anything exciting to write tonight but I'm going to stick by my every other day posting rule. Today we went to Target and got backpacks for school. I'm so ready for Fall. We would have gotten school supplies but the store didnt' have copies of all the class school supply lists and we didnt' bring our own. Samantha grabbed a pink one that has a handle and wheels so she can drag it. Gerry got a Spiderman one (surprise, he had Spiderman last year). Abera picked out Speed Racer. And Brandon, well he ended up with The Incredible Hulk. He really wanted Care Bears and we found some cute Care Bears online but when he was in the store he just had to pick out one there-he needed instant gratification. Gerald was happy 'cause he thought Care Bears are a little too girly. Well too bad, G, I'm going to get Brandon the one from online and we'll see which one he picks for the first day of school. None of my kids have ever had a security blanket or stuffed animal. But Brandon got a green Care Bear for his birthday and sleeps with it every night so I'm excited about that. The other day he said he didnt' want regular mac and cheese. He wanted Care Bear mac and cheese. LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are they triplets?

Well, yesterday I was asked that question. We were at a library storytime and they were all sitting around me on the floor. I had to laugh. I just said, 'no, they're all one year apart". The reply I got was, 'wow, you're busy'- If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that one!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beach-warning this post gets gross

OMG-It's been almost a month since I posted last. Is anybody still out there. I know I give up checking out people's blog if they don't bost all the time - oh well. And I have no excuse now that I'm temporarily unemployed. We went to the beach last week (or the week before) -all the days seem to run together lately. The kids had fun. Poor Abera gets to see the beach for the first time and he ends up with a fever of 103. Luckily it was just a 24 hour thing and had no other symptoms. He did throw up on the drive up but I think it was nerves/motion sickness. I don't think he really knew what was going on. He knew we were going to the beach and had seen picturs of the beach and he knew everyone was excited but he seemed really mellow. At first I thought he was scared but in retrospect maybe it was the fever. Luckily he didnt' get sick in the car. We had stopped for a potty break and as soon as we got out he got sick all over the sidewalk. Kindof embarrassing but after living with Samantha for 6 yrs you get used to public vomiting..............which reminds forward a few days. We are at the beach, uptown on 96th street. We had just had pizza and were at Springers going to get ice cream (yeah Springers). Well, Samantha was really excited about the ice cream and you all know what Samantha does when she's really excited about food. Yup, she puked all over the sidewalk. Luckily I was inside getting the ice cream so Gerald had to deal with it. He made it to the side of the building besides Springers and The WaWa so at least it wasnt' right in front of the place. Oh and did you know that seagulls will eat chuncks of food that have come back up. Yes, those scavengers were happy to eat Sam's vomit. NASTY

The weather was great. It would have been perfect if B hadn't been sick still. It just wasnt' the same without Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle B and family. But the other cousins were there and Uncle J and M.

Enjoy the pics and from now on I am going to post every other day. Even if just a quick note without any pictures.